Take Part In One Of Our Studies!

Ocular Technology Group- International are seeking healthy volunteers aged 18 years and above to take part in paid clinical trials approved by independent ethics committees.

Am I Eligible to Take Part?
Volunteers must
• Be aged 18 years and above, and
• Wear glasses or contact lenses, or
• Be interested in wearing contact lenses, or
• Suffer from dry eyes or use drops to improve the comfort of their eyes
For Volunteers over the age of 18
For Volunteers under the age of 18

What’s Involved?
We will ask you to attend  our clinic to be assessed by a fully qualified optometrist at a screening visit. At the end of this initial screening, you will be entered into our volunteer database and informed whether or not your eye characteristics make you suitable for entry in any of our clinical trials. Our trials are approved by an ethics committee.
In addition to receiving full clinical care and products, you will also receive compensation for your time and travel once on a study.
Each trial varies in length and can range from remote survey studies to whole day visits at the clinic.

Register your Interest Today!
If you are interested in participating in one of our clinical trials please complete this application form .