About Us

OTG-i is a full service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) dedicated to the ophthalmic field. As a CRO, OTG-i offers an independent test facility for the ophthalmic pharmaceutical industries for ophthalmic drugs and devices including contact lenses and contact lens care products. The services offered by OTG-i encompass all stages of clinical investigations from the inception of the investigation to the production of the final report. The company is BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified to carry out aspects specific to the provision of contract research, consultancy, research and development, professional affairs and regulatory support services for the contact lens, ophthalmic pharmaceutical, ophthalmic device and sports industries. Under the direction of Dr Michel Guillon, who is an ACRP Certified Clinical Research Investigator, the services offered are in full compliance with ICH-GCP regulations, EU regulations and WHO regulations.
OTG-i has extensive experience in setting up and running Phase I to III clinical investigations for products under development, and post marketing studies. The range and scope of the investigations vary from short-term evaluations (over periods of 30 minutes to 6 hours) to overnight evaluations and long-term investigations over periods of up to two years.