The consultancy activity covers a wide spectrum and includes contact lens (all aspects), dry eyes (product design to testing techniques), contact lens care products, refractive surgical techniques and ophthalmic lenses.
OTG-i unique’s expertise through its research and clinical practice activities lead to consulting activities that cover all aspects from the initial development of a product to its marketing support. The services are:
  • Provision of support to the ophthalmic industry Research and Development effort through advice, project review and on-site consulting. Particular emphasis is given to contact lenses, dry eye products and optical design of ophthalmic devices.
  • Provision of clinical regulatory advice and support via a dedicated clinical regulatory service that assists in the preparation of regulatory dossiers (e.g. CE marking dossier or MHRA clinical trial exemption) and project-specific regulatory planning.
  • Development of marketing support strategy in terms of product applications, marketing pricing and recommendations for marketing study design. The work is conducted through meeting with sponsors, on site consulting, telephone conference meetings and preparation of project specific documents.