Visual Performance Measurement

The OTG-i Vision suite is a computer-based system that measures visual performance for distance, intermediate and near distances and controls test contrast, luminance and exposure time.
The controlled testing conditions and limitation of the exposure time replicate the visual demands of today’s device dominated world. Standard settings have been developed; however, customized settings can be developed to best fulfill the needs of a specific study.
 Static LogMAR Visual Acuity Chart
The applications for the OTG-i Vision suite for contact lens, spectacle design and refractive surgery and intraocular lens research and development include:
• Visual performance characterization for single vision designs (spherical and toric);
• Visual performance characterization for multifocal designs
• Measurement of a “real world” Through Focus Curve without the need for dilation or the use of defocusing lenses;
• Characterization of the effect of material surface wettability on visual performance.